2018 Encouraging Reviews of Brass Fitting Manufacturer in Oct

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2018 Encouraging Reviews of Brass Fitting Manufacturer in Oct
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Klikkon Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of brass machining parts, hot forging parts, brass pipings & fittings, aluminum machining parts. We are dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions, knowledgeable support and professional service to our customers that is second to none. As the top-notch China brass fitting manufacturer, we offer top-grade plumbing products and industrial products at competitive prices.And We aim to consistently improving our service to serve you better and with the best. 


Under the dedicated effort and development of our team, we have established a successful business relationship with customers all over the world. They consider us as the leading brass fitting manufacturer and leave us the most encouraging reviews. We would like to share some with you.


1.Name: Sara W****

Date: 2018-10-22

Review:I don't think I've ever had a shiny new coupler set! My hose was leaking, a friend gave me a new hose. Then there was a leak right from the old coupler, these solved that problem! They arrived on time and in a nice box that snaps shut tight so there is no risk of losing the spare parts. All my old connectors fit with it, too. Great set and value, high quality parts.


2.Name: Eric D****

Date: 2018-10-21

Review:they are fine, even easier to connect compared to my old brass ones. I can’t believe that there is such a wonderful thing! But now I really got them and they are working better.


3.Name: MR C****

Date: 2018-10-20

Review: They are exactly what I needed. Thanks for so much fast delivery and wonderful service for I didn’t know much about them, so I asked a lot of questions, but you answered very patiently and skillfully.


4.Name: Jersey R****

Date: 2018-10-19

Review: Excellent couplers (although I am no professional). Exactly what I needed for my compressor.The quality is really good to trust in. Highly recommend to you!


5.Name: Thomas J****

Date: 2018-10-18

Review: Well made couples and connects at a very good price. The nice plastic carry case was difficult to open.So the goods are in good condition. I like that.


6.Name: Sting F****

Date: 2018-10-17

Review: Works great. Makes changing attachments fast and easy.Nice purchase.Fittings are easy to install.

7.Name: Jerry G****

Date: 2018-10-17

Review: Very nice set of couplers and connectors.Works great, no leaks, fits my existing connections. It is perfect. Quality set with storage case.


We provide a wide range of brass fittings that will meet and exceed in quality and standard.If you want to know more information, you can just contact us at libin@klikkon.cn 

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