A Critical Part of the Process: The Forging Die

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A Critical Part of the Process: The Forging Die
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Some forgings are simply round or rectangular blocks. Others have the finished shape of the final component. The latter forgings need to have a manufactured die to create the shape. In a procedure called closed-die forging, the metal is placed on the die and pressed or hammered so that the metal forms into the die and copies its shape.

Not just any machine shop can make forging dies. It requires the experience and expertise that only comes from years of working as a tool-and-die shop. The dies must be precisely machined and carefully heat-treated to shape the workpiece correctly, as well as to withstand the tremendous forces involved in most forging operations.

Metal prototyping, machining, and forging are interrelated. Initially, metal-forming dies for forged parts are precision machined and heat treated. Then, forged parts may be machined for further finishing.

Klikkon offers die-making services to provide manufacturers with more options for making parts with high strength. Our factories are ISO 9001 compliant and can provide you with quality dies produced on three, five, and seven-axis CNC machines. To streamline your operations, we can also machine your parts to your preferred finish.  We work with you to meet your specs, budget and deadlines.

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