An inquiry of brass part from India customer

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An inquiry of brass part from India customer
Views: 1175  Update Date:Jun 10 , 2017
Hi Li Bin
We need brass part as per attached drawing. 
Material Grade IS 319-89 

Qty 50000 Nos per month ( No wire Cut Operation)

Dear Li,
Pls check the Quotation once again some issues are there, total is not correct, part Qty is not correct. Secondly provide me cost break up for each variant.
If in doubt pls discuss.

brass pipe fittings

Klikkon Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of brass products, customized CNC machining parts, hot forging parts, brass pipings & fittings, aluminum machining parts.

We have 4 excellent advantages:
1. We good at producting customized products.We provide one-stop manufacturing services, including: Design,Machining, Inspection, Packaging so as to meet the needs of our customers.
2. We can provide hot forging pressure from 50 tons to 650tons
3. We will free charge to help you to make drawing or design.

4. We request a Flexible MOQ, for customer comes from young growing company.Our vision is to grow up together with our customers.
Klikkon guarantees quality and a corresponding low price, without compromise.

Our highly skilled employees and our high-tech tools, assembly equipment and test control facilities together ensure that "Klikkon quality" delivers you perfection.

Klikkon is your reliable partner for brass products!!!

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