Brass casting processing methods

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Brass casting processing methods
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1, lost wax casting: usually with lost wax cast bronze casting, but can also be used for brass and really used for any other metal. By using a wax mold, the ceramic shell covers, the craftsman can inject the molten alloy to replace the wax. Small shells will reveal the brass pieces. Loss of wax casting is the use of a need for a high degree of attention to detail. Creating decorative bronze pieces or sculpture artists or metal casters will find that lost wax casting technology will meet their needs far beyond the other techniques and methods better.
2, die casting casting: another method of casting brass casting. Die casting is usually used in commercial foundries because of the initial start-up costs of small home foundries. By creating a reusable mold, from the steel, the caster will be able to create the same product with the same score. If the caster or artist is planning to make a multiple of a product, you can find a viable market that mold with brass casting and should be used.
3, sand casting: sand casting may be the oldest casting, is still a commonly used method, especially for small foundry. Brass pours sand molds and can create a unique look, which may be the first choice for artisans. Sand casting is often the most sensible small foundry, and if the castings do not have incredible attraction, then this approach is many desirable.
Brass Casting Lost Wax Casting: It is made of fusible material (wax and plastic, etc.) made of a precise fusible model, coated with a number of layers of refractory coating, after drying, hardening into the overall shell, and then Heating shell melting loss model, and then by high temperature roasting and become refractory shell, the liquid metal into the shell, to be cooled after the casting. Mold material - pressure wax mold - group mold - repair mode - Tu hanging - sand - stripping - roasting - pouring - cooling - sand - clean up.
Brass casting processing lost wax casting advantages:
1, the casting of high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness, you can pour the shape of complex castings, the general accuracy of up to 5 to 7, roughness up to two Ra25-6.3μm;
2, can be cast thin-walled castings and very small castings, casting the smallest wall thickness of up to 0.5mm, the weight can be as little as a few grams;
3, can be cast pattern fine pattern, text, with a thin groove and curved holes of castings;
4, the shape of the casting and the shape of the cavity is almost unlimited, can be made with sand casting, forging, cutting and other methods difficult to manufacture the complex shape of the parts, and can make some assemblies, welding parts in a slightly structured Improved directly after casting into the whole parts, thereby reducing the weight of parts, reduce production costs;
5, casting alloy type is almost no restrictions, commonly used to cast alloy steel, carbon steel and heat-resistant alloy castings;
6, the production volume is not limited, from single to bulk mass production.

Brass casting processing lost wax casting shortcomings: the process is complex, long production cycle, does not apply to the production of large size castings.

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