Brass Fittings : Explaining Vast Variety Of Pipe Fittings

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Brass Fittings : Explaining Vast Variety Of Pipe Fittings
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Brass pipe fittings are most demanded plumbing fittings that are sourced by commercial sector and industries from premium brass fitting manufacturers. Brass fittings are used for joining or connecting the multiple pipes or installing at suitable place. These fittings are constructed with quality brass in several shapes and sizes. As much as good quality brass is used for crafting fittings, the products will become expensive that require time and tools to install.

How you can connect fittings to pipe?

Pipe fittings come in two forms- male fittings and female fittings. Threaded pipe fittings use female threads on the inside and male threads on outside. Pipe fittings having one female end and one male end are known as street fittings. You can use pipe fittings to connect tubes or pipes in these following ways-

1. By threading- threaded pipes are screwed together to join pipes and fittings. In general, metal pipes are threaded and have threaded fittings.

2. By slip fit- slip fit pipes have sleeves that slip into one another fitting.

How manufacturers organize their pipe fittings range?

Pipe fittings are usually organized in following-

1. Male threaded

2.Male slip fit

3. Female threaded

4. Female slip fit

Use of a pipe fitting

The basic purpose of any such pipe fittings is to connect the bores of two or multiple pipes or tubes, pipe sections, and a pipe to a distinct apparatus.  also recommend using pipe fitting to change the direction of fluid flow and regulating it. Some people also use them for closing and sealing any pipe.

How to make the selection for pipe fittings?

As there are so many varieties of plumbing fittings available at manufacturer’s store, it becomes difficult at times to make appropriate selection. But here, we got few helpful points that will bring you closer to right product. You need to consider certain factors that are shared below-

1. Connection type- while contacting brass plumbing fittings manufacturers, you should know that a fitting can have two different connector types. One end of the fitting could be female threaded, while the other male threaded. One end could be male slip while other end could be threaded; most plastic fittings have this thing.

2. Materials used in construction- As per the experts, pipe fittings should be of same material that is used in the making of pipe in which fittings is to be applied. However, there are cases that this rule can be void.

3. Check for flow

4. Fitting type

5. Size

6. Thickness

7. Design

8. Standards and codes

Leading and reputed Brass fittings manufacturers are offering comprehensive range of plumbing fittings, that include couplings, unions, pipe, plugs and caps, elbows, tees, cross, wyes, valves, pipe fasteners, flanges, etc. You can get your choice of fittings from them at decent rates. Order your requirement online and avail great discounts today.

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