Brass fittings Pipeline abbreviation code

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Brass fittings Pipeline abbreviation code
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Brass fittings Pipeline abbreviation code

Pipe: q8 # G: O. _" _0 U. s0 rEL 弯头Elbow' w, r" Q' m0 y+ l: k; N9 e, aELL 长半径弯头Long radius elbow ELS 短半径弯头Short radius elbow  MEL 斜接弯头(虾米腰弯头)Mitre elbow  REL 异径弯头 Reducing elbow  T 三通Tee3 [/ W1 ]4 [  n$ h) kLT 斜三通Lateral tee RT 异径三通 Reducing tee& x/ 5 K: k) n; -  O$ G R 异径管接头(大小头)Reducer. D- J+ l( Y( l( Z" c- N/ u CR 同心异径管接头(同心大小头)Concentric reducer) R6 A0 G  7 |' K! w7 _) E% {% m) kER 偏心异径管接头(偏心大小头)Eccentric reducer  CPL 

Brass fittings Pipeline abbreviation code

管箍Coupling FCPL 双头管箍Full coupling HCPL 单头管箍Half coupling RCPL 异径管箍Reducing coupling BU 内外螺纹接头Bushing  UN 活接头Union HC 软管接头Hose coupler SE 翻边短节Stub end NIP短节Pipe nipple or straight nipple 4 f' b: n' D) ~1 R8 H SNIP 异径短节Swaged nipple  U! w3 j- O  Q. O , b; b& 2 @ CP 管帽(封头)Cap  PL 管堵(丝堵)Plug; E  S; N4 j7 T7 h7 ]/ v( W1 ^$ W BLK 盲板Blank  SB 8字盲板Spectacle blind (blank)RP 补强板Reinforcing pad 法兰 缩写中文名称英文名称$ W, O9 F! g& 8 M! z5 W PLG 法兰Flange WNF 对焊法兰Welding neck flange SOF 平焊法兰Slip-on flange  SWF 承插焊法兰 Socket-welding flange- S, u+ Z/ n8 u: @# k9 u* i& F T 螺纹法兰Threaded flange LJ 松套法兰Lapped joint flange  REDF 异径法兰Reducing flange' v# z, X  F, j$ u# ]4 w( C2 X BF 法兰盖(日法兰) Blind flange( l) L6 E; o% v" ]4 J FSF 法兰密封面 Flange scaling face  FF 全平面Flat face5 B! G( U* A' c, u% BRF 凸台面Raised face( ^5 M' & r MFF 凹凸面Male and female face LF 凹面Female face

Pipeline abbreviation code

LM 凸面Male face RJ 环连接面 Ring joint face % X% g6 V8 c, R0 q( [ TG 榫槽面Tongue and groove face( O  o7 e: b6 [& a) x0 M, QTF 榫面Tongue face" R3 U2 V1 X6 W; TGF 槽面Groove face6 Q. b: s, o" ?- g# X垫片' B$ G6 r7 l7 H* W2 ~/ u. d7 } 缩写中文名称英文名称! ~" j7 |! s4 |7 vG 垫片Gasket( t: h0 N- U" p5 N/ R6 nNMG 非金属垫片Non-metallic gasket; w4 ~3 T+ v# |) - {AG 石棉垫片Asbestos gasket. X9 }* W9 % SRG 橡胶垫片 Rubber gasket2 y% t5 _! x9 t/ m+ g7 S+ c TEG 聚四氟乙烯包复垫片PTFE envelope gasket  SMG 半金属垫片Semimetallic gasket  MJG 金属包垫片Meta-jacket gasket* o0 u! W8 t! H9 C6 G9 M* kSWG 缠绕式垫片Spiral wound gasket MG 金属垫片Metallic gasket  FMG 金属平垫片 Flat metallic gasket  SMSG 齿形金属垫片Solid metal serrated gasket LER 透镜式金属环垫Lens ring gasket OCR 八角形金属环垫Octagonal ring gasket  OVR 椭圆形金属环垫Oval ring gakset- a$ h; w" k$ q# T$ ^* s IR/OR 内外定位环Inner ring and outer ring0 D+ ]( n  j- I5 c" n IR 内定位环Inner ring  OR 外定位环Outer ring3 w- x) E; X- z) D. b 坚固件 缩写中文名称英文名称B 螺栓Bolt6 i/ V8 P( m+ S. W6 u; q6 I; lSB 螺柱Stud bolt; }. Z7 k- Y) E. KNU 螺母Nut TB 花蓝螺母Turnbuckle WSR 垫圈Washer2 U2 F9 H  x7 ~* @* e SWSR 弹簧垫圈Spring washer  阀门 缩写中文名称英文名称5 @: ~; L' m" K4 L( l4 T) Z GV 闸阀Gate valve, i+ y' o8 J7 S4 `) CGLV 截止阀Globe valve  CHV 止回阀 Check valve: d. ]9 n% R: C BUV 蝶阀Butterfly valve BAV 球阀Ball valve  PV 旋塞阀Plug valve (cock)2 K: y* o. r3 ~3 E. wCV 调节阀Control valve( K8 y- T, y; V. v+ ^/ ~! r SV 安全阀Safety valve! z7 v; X8 w) W( U! ]: w4 ZRV 减压阀 Pressure reducing valve8 ?7 m0 T) ?9 |! J+ E+ b  i% ^ ST 蒸汽疏水阀 Steam trap

Brass fittings Pipeline code

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