Custom Turned Parts by Manual Lathe from China Klikkon Industria

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Custom Turned Parts by Manual Lathe from China Klikkon Industria
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Manual Lathe Turning is oldest processing technics, lathed by a spring collet clamping, motor directly drives the spindle, the size of the disc quick hand pull type operation, horizontal and vertical positioning control of turning, part with flange, instrument lathe tailstock apparatus, die with threading device, to the processing of outer circle, inner circle, cutting, end face, cutting slots, taper turning, drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, grinding and other functions.

Its suitable for medium and small quantity workpieces, and the workpieces diameter at 4mm-250mm, the length can be long, the machining cost is cheaper than CNC lathe turning, but the machining precision is not very good, generally is suitable for medium grade tolerance precision. 

Widely used in electrical appliances, fasteners, automotive, motorcycle accessories, instrumentation, hardware appliances, cultural and educational supplies, equipment, machinery and electrical products, plumbing pipe fittings, valves, bearings, shafts and other small parts.

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