Customers in Přerov, Czech Republic send inquire to us

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Customers in Přerov, Czech Republic send inquire to us
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Customers inPřerov, Czech Republic send inquire to us, details are following:

I'm looking for the following products:

Details for each product are in PDF




Nippel 25x46,5  

Zeichnung Nr.: 200.1369.00

material: ENAW 6082 / T5 / T6

blank and burr free





Drehteil D20 mm  

Zeichnung Nr.: Drehteil D20 mm 300117

material: ENAW 6082 / T5 / T6

blank and burr free




Druckstück D12x7  

Zeichnung Nr.: Druckstück Gewindestift M6

material: 11SMnPb30K

blank and burr free




Druckstück D16x9  

Zeichnung Nr.: Druckstück Gewindestift M8

material: 11SMnPb30K

blank and burr free




Druckstück D20x11  

Zeichnung Nr.: Druckstück Gewindestift M10

material: 11SMnPb30K

blank and burr free




Druckstück D25x13  

Zeichnung Nr.: Druckstück Gewindestift M12

material: 11SMnPb30K

blank and burr free


Kind Regards

Michal Dokoupil



Osek nad Bečvou 207

brass fittings supplier

Klikkon Industrial are dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions, knowledgeable support and professional service to our customers that is second to none.
Klikkon products are guaranteed to provide the consistently high quality and unrivalled performance that our customers demand and our product range is manufactured with comprehensive engineering and quality assurance expertise gained over many years experience in the brass fitting market.

What Klikkon can offer?
Klikkon treat every customer with  same, no matter customer are from small company or large, When customers are happy, we're happy.
If you have a design challenge, we’re ready. We have the expertise and capacity to take on your project challenge, whether the design is prototype-ready or still in the concept phase. For projects in the early phase, our engineers work closely with you to convert those ideas into final drawings. For projects further developed, we ensure part designs are optimized for full-scale production.
We pride ourselves on our Engineering staff. Their comprehensive understanding of the product development process, along with their creativity, enables them to often provide more effective answers than our customers originally anticipate.

Flexibility? We’ve got it. We accommodate drawings in a variety of formats, including 3D models, hard copy schematics, or drawings rendered in Pro/E, SolidWorks and AutoCAD 

brass fitting manufactuer

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