Environmental inspectors enter Zhejiang

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Environmental inspectors enter Zhejiang
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Environmental Inspector Latest News: Central Second Environmental Protection Inspectorate Inspector of Zhejiang Province will be held in Hangzhou. From August 11 to September 11, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate formally entered the work in Zhejiang.


This also indicates that all enterprises in Zhejiang will be the next month, all face the central environmental protection inspection team of environmental protection, which means that is about to be limited production, shutdown, shut down the risk.

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Zhejiang has one of the industry's largest industrial clusters: Taizhou. Yuhuan


According to statistics, Taizhou has flew, green good, Taiwan Xiang, five-star drilling leopard and other OEMs more than 100. More than 100 plastic parts, more than 100 plastic shocks, about 20 motor, the frame plant more than 100, paint, cushion, after the shock Bridge is more numerous. As well as Emma, Europe, times and other brands of the factory. And this thousands of enterprises in this month will be involved in the storm of environmental protection inspectors.

Environmental inspectors enter

At the same time, Jinhua has Zhejiang native Lvyuan headquarters, Cixi has Yadi's factory, although the industrial clusters in Zhejiang, although relatively scattered outside of Taizhou, but also have years of industrial scale, and now will become the object of environmental inspectors.
Tianjin has become the hardest hit of environmental protection, the recent period is the Beichen paint factory was demolished, Wuqing District, 55 electric vehicles supporting enterprises were permanently shut down the news, environmental protection inspectors a comprehensive upgrade, Tianjin plate suffered a serious blow.
The next month Taizhou will become the main battlefield of environmental inspectors, only three days Taizhou has appeared accessories business shutdown notice, the next month is the Taizhou plate and the entire industry of Zhejiang brutal test, Tianjin plate tragic Will it repeat?
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Zhejiang more than electroplating enterprises in environmental protection cut off remediation
Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province Environmental Protection Agency said that due to alloy raw materials, cadmium content is generally high, in order to control cadmium pollution, is now ordered part of the city electroplating enterprises to implement the notice of discontinued remediation, was informed that the company from the date of discontinued remediation. It is reported that Yiwu low temperature zinc alloy (zinc-cadmium alloy) basically discontinued, in addition, Wenzhou Ouhai District, the acceptance of the electroplating enterprises have also received notice, since August 18 from the unconditional stop production, approved in the acceptance after the production. A new round of environmental protection in Zhejiang zinc downstream enterprises started.
National raw material prices, companies have a single dare not pick up

Just because the current national raw materials are in the crazy price increases. According to CCTV to understand the information, the current price of 20% metal, sponge up 70%, solid wood, sheet metal, playing wire, aluminum, lead prices and other materials are all rising, the cartons are rich can not buy. Foreign trade, manufacturing enterprises are miserable, to a single dare not take the point.

 taizhou Environmental inspector

In the tide of environmental remediation, there will be part of the enterprise was eliminated, will improve and optimize the entire industry chain, will bring seizure, out of stock, price increases and other storms.

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