Great Reviews of Brass Hose Fittings Suppliers on October 30th, 2018

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Great Reviews of Brass Hose Fittings Suppliers on October 30th, 2018
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Klikkon Industry Co., Ltd is Brass Hose Fittings Suppliers which are guaranteed to provide the consistently high quality and unrivalled performance that our customers demand and our product range is manufactured with comprehensive engineering and quality assurance expertise gained over many years experience in the brass fitting market.
1.Name: Dale S****
Review: Appears to be well made and works just fine. I found that they had them packaged as two in a packet for about the same price as this one and they are both heavier brass. The one from you was packaged as a washing machine adapter. Not sure which one I like better, as they both do work, but they are easy to come and use.
2.Name: Crab W****
Review: Purchased along with a water filter. Attached to the exterior water port on and then added the filter. Filter sits in a vertical position to the inlet and this elbow takes the strain of the filter off of the intake hose.
3.Name: David F****
Review: Keeps the weight off the hose inlet because otherwise it would stick out at a strange angle and cause excess weight on the city water connect. You could just put it near the connection bib, but I like it that way if your hose has issues, like the inside breakin down, it will get trapped in the filter.
4.Name: Ron R****
Review: I just needed a 90 degree connector to hook up my portable gray water tank to the outlet on the side of my camp trailer. I can see that this would get the job done very well. Should last a long time. I replaced the strainer/washer with a plain hose washer fitting.
5.Name: Sylvan G****
Review: Works perfectly! Bring that fresh water line up from below and screw on to the angled hose attachment. That screws into your potable water and you are good-to-go. No stress on hose. Easy and I can hook it up and close the bay door.
6.Name: Gilbert S****
Review: I needed this fitting to connect the water hose on a truck camper. The outlet is directly over the dually fender on my truck making a straight connection impossible. This fitting can also be used to prevent the hose from kinking on a straight connection such as a travel trailer. The item appears to be quality made. It fits as designed and works without issues.
7.Name: Bob L****
Review: Perfect! The spicket on the house was so low to the ground you couldn't hook a hose to it. This fixed the issue, and without lead that might leach into the water. Well made, and seems that it will be very durable.
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