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Have to look at the CNC processing Cheats
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First, the general rule:
Open: in the machine under the maximum load, in the processing of the vast majority of the case, the election as much as possible the knife, as much as possible the amount of feed, as fast as possible in the same knife in the case The next feed is inversely proportional to the amount of feed, in general, the machine load is not a problem, the principle of the main knife according to the product of the two-dimensional angle and the three-dimensional arc is too small to consider the election knife, The principle is the knife length is greater than the processing depth, large work piece is to consider whether the chuck to go below, the following is no matter to go.
Light knife purpose: to achieve the workpiece processing requirements: finish, Flying model margin, copper stove, etc., at the same time, as much as possible the knife, as fast as possible, because the sperm need a long time, with the most appropriate Knife and feed, in the same feed under the infeed faster and faster, the amount of curved surface and processing after the finish, the size of the surface and the surface shape of the surface, in the case of not hurt, The smallest margin, with the largest knife, the fastest transfer to the appropriate feed.
Second, the clamping method:
1, all the clamps are long vertical and vertical;
2, vise clamping: clamping height should not be less than 10 mm, in the processing of the workpiece must specify the height of the clamping and processing height, processing height should be higher than the veneer plane 5 mm, the purpose is to ensure firmness, while Do not hurt the vise, this fixture is a general clamping, clamping height is also related to the size of the workpiece, the larger the workpiece, then the corresponding increase in the height of the fixture;
3, splint clamping: plywood with code Aberdeen on the table, the workpiece with a screw on the clamping plate, this folder is suitable for clamping height is not enough and the larger processing of the workpiece, the general large workpiece, the effect is particularly good The
4, the workpiece is not enough height of the fixture, but also not at the bottom of the lock wire, the use of iron clip, this fixture to be second clamping, the program: a good first four corners, Part, and finally code four sides, processing four corners, the principle is the second clamping, to be very careful, do not let the workpiece loose, the first code and then loose, b, there are first yards on both sides,
Code iron has a merit, contact area is large, not easy to deformation, such as aluminum, magnesium within the soft metal must use code iron to prevent deformation;
5, the tool clamping: diameter of 10 mm or more, not less than 30 mm; diameter 10 mm below, not less than 20 mm,
Note: The impact of the tool on the workpiece can cause a, the workpiece moves, b, broken knife, c, tool deformation of the workpiece damage, d, tool loose, knife or processing of the workpiece are not allowed
So the tool clamping and workpiece clamping must be strong. Prevent the collision knife and directly into the workpiece,
Third, the classification of the tool and its scope:
1, by material points:
White steel knife: easy to wear, for the copper and small pieces of steel open rough
Tungsten steel knife: for the clearance (especially steel) and light knife.
Alloy knife: similar to tungsten steel knife
Purple knife; for high-speed cutting, not easy to wear
2, according to the knife points:
Flat knife: used for flat and straight side of the plane clearance angle
Dome: used in a variety of surface light, light knife
Nose nose (with unilateral, bilateral and five sides): for steel open (R0.8, R0.3, R0.5, R0.4)
Thick leather knife: for open, pay attention to the margin of the law (0.3)
3, according to the knife points: straight knife: straight knife for a variety of occasions
Diagonal knife: but not for straight face and slope less than the slope of the face
4, according to the blade points: two-edged, three-edged, four-edged, the more the number of edges, the better the effect, but the more work, speed and feed the corresponding adjustment, the number of blades longer life, :
Ball knife: concave ruler is smaller than the ball and the ruler is smaller than the ball R, the light is not (not clear to the bottom corner)
Flying knife: Disadvantages: concave size and flat ruler less than the knife diameter less than the time, the advantages: to clear the corner. The same parameters of the comparison: V = R * ω speed much faster (Flying), the big light out of things bright, flying knife more for contour contours, sometimes with the knife without light.
Fourth, the method of copper:
1, the principle: to make the product more perfect;
2, symmetrical sides of the shape to do together, a number of bone bit together, too small spacing is too narrow made of two or three to be able to enter the principle;
3, a, knife completely do not have to do copper, in a copper in the next there is no longer, the shape is convex need to sub-points;
B, the knife can go down, but easy to cut the knife also need to do copper according to the actual situation may be;
C, require the product of the need to do the fire Tong;
D, copper public can not do, the bone is too thin too high, vulnerable and easy to deformation, deformation and deformation in the process of deformation, at this time to be inserts;
E, copper work out of the surface (especially the surface will be very smooth and very uniform) to overcome many problems in the gong and drawing many problems;
Defects: copper public can not play the corner, the spark is difficult to accurately control (damage volume plot C, micro-deformation), require accurate shape or margin for a long time must be done
The practice of copper:
1, copper map practice
A, elected to do the face of copper,
B, fill the surface of the fill, or extend the extension of the surface, to ensure that all the edges of the copper is greater than the edge to fight while not hurt the surface of other products, remove the unnecessary clear plane angle (with the plane angle The intersection is a deeper glue bit), fill the rules shape;
2, to find the largest copper shape: with a border and then projection to the care,
3, set the base frame size, cut off the care plane, this copper map is basically completed.
4, preparation: long * wide * high, long and wide "Ymax and Xmax as the base frame of the actual length of copper material must be greater than the figure on the base frame. High "copper public theoretical size + base frame height + clamping height
Fifth, the number of drawings:
1, in the absence of ready-made processing surface, the plane of the four sides, the center of the origin, the top of the zero, the top of the rough (copper) in terms of the remaining 0.1, that is, the actual 0 ), The chart is low 0.1
2, when there is a ready-made processing surface, so that the map on the face of 0 (z) plane can be divided into points, otherwise the ready-made side (unilateral) processing surface will have to check the actual height, The difference between the length and the drawings, according to the actual material to the programming, the general situation, the first processing on the size of the drawings on the size of re-processing;
3, when a number of bits to be processed, the first bit (standard bit), it is necessary to put a few other bits of the benchmark gong good, long and wide are gong, all the next processing base to the previous processing Face is accurate.
Insert the positioning of the inserts: a placed inside the overall, the bottom of a certain height from the drawings and then increase the height of the plane, according to the overall position, the height of the following figure with a screw lock.
B is a square can be directly in the split.
C can be roughly used in the largest profile.
D cut a fixture, according to the fixture, the relative position of the inserts and fixtures is determined and then the origin of the drawing is placed at the center of the fixture.
4, separate inlay, the overall gong, inserts do not hinder the knife road
5, copper public touch the number of plane: the center of the workpiece (benchmark) and the center of the relative position of copper, when doing the copper public set a good height: touch the plane to the copper to hit the lowest point of the cluster coordinates number.
Six, open the knife path selection:
1, surface digging
A, the key is the choice of range and the choice of face
B, knife processing area is: the selected range of the selected surface for the termination of the surface, from the highest point to the lowest point of the tool can go to all the places under the principle. The selected surface is the best surface, the border can only be the area to be processed, no extension of the extension of less than half the distance between the knife, because the other side left enough margin so automatic protection; the best extension of the minimum line, because There is a r gong at the lowest point
C, the choice of knife: has been said, such as the tool can not spiral or slanting or less processing area can not enter the area of the knife closed, leaving the second open;
D, light knife before, be sure to open the open area all open, especially the small angle, which includes two-dimensional angle, three-dimensional angle and sealed up the area, otherwise it will break the knife. Second open: the general use of three-dimensional trench selection range, flat knives, can be used to dig and shape the road knife
The center of the tool to the selected boundary without injury to the other side, generally do not refine the border, with a fast two-way angle as the case may be, helix feed angle of 1.5 degrees, high 1, when the groove shape for the bar, Spiral knife is slanting into the knife, the general open filter, especially the surface open rough, the inflow plane can not be low, so as not to hit the knife, the safety height can not be low
E, retreat: generally do not have to retreat, with absolute retreat, when there is no island when the relative retreat.
2, the plane trench: milling a variety of flat, concave groove, when the open part of the open plane, you need to set the border, the principle can enter the knife (greater than a knife diameter), open outside the greater than half a knife, closed Peripheral,
3, shape: When the selected plane for the shape of the stratification, then use the shape of the layered knife: (plane shape), to mention the knife point and the next point for a little point, do not need to mention the knife z plane general knife, try not to height,
Correction direction: the general right correction (along the knife)
4, the mechanical correction of the knife set: correction number is 21, change the computer correction mechanical correction, infeed for the vertical infeed, the knife can not change the place to change the R no margin.
5, contours: suitable for walking closed the surface, take the open side of the surface if the four laps will have to seal the surface, if the four or four laps will choose the range and height (a certain arc into the knife open ), For open case: any plane within the processing distance is less than a knife diameter, if greater than a knife knife will use a larger knife or two contours.
6, the surface streamline: with the best uniformity and dryness, suitable for light knife can replace the contours of many times.
7, radiation knife Road: suitable for the middle of a large hole (less)
Note: a spear knife: knife is not sharp, the knife is too long, the workpiece is too deep to walk around can not go up and down
B in the workpiece angle on both sides of the surface to be divided into two knife road, not the past, the edge of the knife when the best extension (with arc retreat knife)
Seven, clearance angle:
1, where the clear angle is two-dimensional dead angle, is the previous process have not come to the part, such as the light knife to go to the place should first clear angle and then light knife, too small deep angle can be divided into a few knife clear , Do not use the knife to clear too many places;
2, clear three-dimensional angle: open some small trough, some three-dimensional corner;
3, the most easy to break the knife, we must consider will not break the knife
A, fine knife, too long,
B, processing capacity is too large, mainly z to (depth direction)
Road: 1, with a two-dimensional shape to go, only a small angle (R0.8) and two-dimensional plane angle.
2, with a parallel knife road,
3, with a contour,
4, there is a place where the knife can not go to the surface and shape can not get the dead ends will have to first seal up the knife, the final clearance angle, a large gap in the general first sealed up,
Processing drawings and processing General drawings:
1, each process has its own processing map, so use a variety of colors to hide the layers, processing must not miss dead ends,
Medium light: as the surface of the steel and fine only in the light
Principle: the knife open rough layer and the margin between the more, in order to make the knife when the effect of a better effect of a process,
Features: a, quick removal, knife knife can also, large feed, large spacing
B, do not have to scruple the surface quality.
C, the plane of the workpiece do not have light.
D, contours of the workpiece do not have the light, contour contours can be fine when the two small steps to put together, fine refers to the surface margin and layer and layer distance
E, need no medium light, there is an important factor is the work of materials, the more hard material, then consider the light,
F, the processing direction of the light and the light knife is the best relative to the processing of this thing will be effective, uniform.
8, light knife: light knife is to achieve a variety of products and mold assembly requirements so be very careful, according to different requirements to give different knife settings and parameter settings
1, the knife under the knife height and the final height are changed to 0, the tolerance design within a silk, without filtering (the smaller the smaller the tolerance of the workpiece, the impact of the appearance of tolerance)
2, the former mold and sub-surface to achieve the best finish, after the mold can be times, other non-cooperation and avoid the rough spots can be rough.
3, knife design by the following factors:
A, CNC processing of specific shapes (such as the plane and other surface), steep surface and flat surface
B, whether the two sides between the angle (the angle is separated)
C, whether the two requirements are different (whether or not to leave the margin, the amount of the amount of smooth finish different requirements)
D, light knife in the protection of the surface problem is a big problem, the processing of a good face must be pre-processed to protect the error, according to the protection of the requirements of protection,
<1>, range protection, excluding error 0 protection, height range and plane range;
<2>, protective surface protection.
E, the extension of the road problem:
Light knife, the knife road to the edge of the best processing for the edge of the round knife or so in advance to extend the surface slightly;
F, knife knife in the knife problem
The knife wasted time, so try to avoid the knife, method 1: set the knife gap (small gap);
Method 2: cover, put the knife at the closure (small gap);
Method 3: Avoid the gap (large gap);
Method 4: Extend the contour to the same height;
G, the knife in the infeed problem, the first knife must be imported from the workpiece, to avoid vibration and bumps the workpiece, all the knife must be set into the knife.
I, tool wear problems:
When the workpiece is large, the need to knife more than the same workpiece.

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