How does a seamless copper pipe come from?

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How does a seamless copper pipe come from?
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Seamless brass

Brass (also known as copper) - often water pipes, heating, cooling pipe installation tube texture hard, easy to corrosion, and high temperature, high pressure, can be used in a variety of environments. Brass set of metal and non-metallic pipe in one, hot and cold water system exclusive first, the best link pipe. Brass fire and heat, high temperature can still maintain the shape and strength, there will be no aging phenomenon.

Brass pressure resistance plastic pipe and aluminum pipe several times or even several times, it can withstand the highest water pressure in today's building. Hot water environment, with the extension of life, plastic pipe pressure capacity decreased significantly, and copper pipe mechanical properties in all the hot temperature range remains unchanged, so the pressure capacity will not be reduced, there will be no aging phenomenon The

Brass linear coefficient is very small, plastic tube 1/10, not because of excessive thermal expansion and contraction caused by stress fatigue rupture.

Steel pipe strength greater, to ensure the use of diameter requirements, the smaller diameter, more suitable for buried.

Recap history

Copper tube construction has a long history, recognized by more than a hundred years time and practical experience to fully test the performance of excellent pipe, as the water pipes, gas pipes and heating pipes, unique charm.

Brass Europe and the United States economically developed countries, the application is very common. In China, especially in Shanghai, the liberation of the previous period has also been a large number of applications on copper construction. In the early days of the founding of the people living in a lower level, the quality of life is not demanding, while the need for national defense construction, copper as a strategic material and less use of residential buildings. To the reform and opening up to remove the restrictions on the use of copper regulations, "building water supply and drainage design specifications" also pipe selection provisions in the brass application.

With the rapid economic growth in China, people living conditions improved rapidly, we have a higher level of quality of life requirements, "mountains treasure, the name of possession of copper" concept began to quietly rise.


Light weight, good thermal conductivity, low temperature strength. Commonly used in the manufacture of heat transfer equipment (such as condenser, etc.). Also used in oxygen production equipment in the assembly of low temperature piping. Diameter of small copper pipe is often used to transport pressure liquid (such as lubrication system, hydraulic system, etc.) and used as instrument pressure tube.

Brass with strong, corrosion-resistant features, and become a modern contractor in all residential commercial housing water pipe, heating, cooling pipe installation preferred.

Copper pipe into many advantages: it is strong, with the general high strength of metal; at the same time than the general metal easy to bend, easy to reverse, easy to crack, easy to break, and has a certain anti-frost hears and impact resistance, so the building water supply system In the copper pipe once installed, safe and reliable to use, and even no maintenance and maintenance.

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