How does the miscellaneous copper cast?

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How does the miscellaneous copper cast?
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Casting casting machine, the current widely used there are two casting machines, disc casting machine and linear casting machine. Disc Casting Machine Large-scale copper and copper production plant using the main casting equipment, linear casting machine structure is simple, compact, small footprint, low investment, but the anode quality is relatively poor, only small copper or copper production plant used.

A cast conveyor, which consists of a drive mechanism, a traction chain plate (traction member), a mold carriage (bearing member), a rail (support), and a bearing tensioning device.

When the linear casting machine is working, the transmission mechanism is driven by the drive motor by the friction clutch, the gearbox, with the safety fuse screw coupling to the spindle drive, mounted on the spindle drive the pentagonal wheel to drive the traction member chain plate movement. The mold frame is mounted on the chain plate, and the anode mold frame is mounted on the track to run on the track, so that the casting machine is running.

The disc casting machine consists of a transmission mechanism, a disc frame, a support base, an anode mold, a roof plate and an exhaust system. The drive is a center gear drive and a sheave drive, whether it is a straight casting machine or a disc casting machine. Are gradually implemented quantitative casting. Copper liquid through the weighing device quantitative injection into the anode mold, the weight of each anode plate can be controlled by less than 3%.

Casting, the strict control of copper and mold temperature is extremely important, casting copper liquid temperature is usually only to maintain higher than the melting point of copper 20 ~ 30 ℃, that is 1100 ~ 1140 ℃, due to low temperature, copper dissolved in less gas, the output anode plate Dense. At the same time low-temperature copper water mold can make the entire copper ingot almost solidification at the same time, resulting in fine grain copper anode plate, copper water temperature is high, not only increase fuel consumption, increase the gas dissolved, so that the anode plate stomata, Paint deterioration and fall off, as well as the phenomenon of sticky mold, but also make the mold overheating and shorten the use of the period. But the copper water temperature is too low, poor mobility, serious can not continue to copper. Mold temperature is often controlled at 120 ~ 140 ℃, mold temperature is easy to produce the bottom of the anode plate honeycomb hot hole, mold temperature is low, the bottom of the cold air holes, and even cause an explosion.

In order to facilitate the stripping, each casting to be coated on the mold coating, usually with graphite powder or ashes as a paint.

The anode plate mold is usually made of refined copper.

Copper is cast into an anode plate and must be cooled. The cooling process is also important. If the water cooling, cooling speed will produce two kinds of improper bending phenomenon, if the bottom mold cooling water is too large, the mold on both sides of the copper liquid first contraction, leading to the middle of the anode plate concave, the two sides upwards, if the surface of the water Too large, then the middle up the convex, both sides down to collapse.

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