How to made forged or extruded brass fittings

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How to made forged or extruded brass fittings
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Brass fittings  

A brass fitting is manufactured from rods made out of brass. They do not require any type of tubing preparation such as soldering or flaring. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The ideal operating temperatures in which these fittings can be used are 73 degrees fahrenheit if copper tubing is used. Although brass fittings can be used in a variety of pressure settings, gas pipes are not recommended. 

Extruded brass

With the extrusion method it is possible to draw brass rods into customized shapes according to the desired tolerance of the fitting. This is an effective way of avoiding pin holes, sand holes and splits. It is after the extrusion process that the brass fittings can now be machined to make a perfect piece. This one piece finished part is solid in nature and does not contain seams or brazed joints. Brass pipe fittings that are required to be strong, non-prorous and dense in the longitudinal direction require this type of manufacturing method.

Forged brass

As with the extruded brass fittings, the kinds of fittings made from forged brass are made using the same method but contain a different temper and combination of chemicals. The process begins with cutting the brass bars to the length of the fitting being made. It is then heated to achieve permeability and then pressed in between dies at high pressure. Cooling then follows after which the flash is trimmed and machinning of the forging blank done to finish the fitting.

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