Klikkon provide CNC Milling CNC machining services

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Klikkon provide CNC Milling CNC machining services
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Klikkon provide CNC Milling (CNC machining) services for metal parts

CNC milling machine, also called CNC machining Center, its developed on the basis of general milling machine, both basically the same processing technology, the structure is also somewhat similar, but the numerical control milling machine is programmed by automatic processing machine tool, so its structure is very different with ordinary milling machine.

The characteristics of numerical control milling:

1. parts processing, strong adaptability, good flexibility, to the processing of contour shape particularly complex or difficult to control the size of the parts, such as mold parts, body parts.
2. to the processing of common machine tool can not be processed or difficult to machining parts, such as using a mathematical model describing the complex curve parts as well as the three-dimensional curved surface parts. 
3. to the processing of a clamping position, requiring multi-step processing parts. 
4. the processing of high precision, stable and reliable processing quality. 
5. the production of a high degree of automation, can reduce the labor intensity of operators. Conducive to the production management automation. 

6. the production efficiency is high.

Its suitable for mold machining & complicated parts.

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