Precision Engineering and Custom CNC Machining Thoughts

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Precision Engineering and Custom CNC Machining Thoughts
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If you want to know about micromachining, you must first realize that the process does not have just one name. Some call it microfinishing, while others refer to it as superfinishing. And even though it differs from honing, some call it short-stroke honing.

No matter what you choose to call it, micromachining is a metalworking process that is used to obtain consistent surface finishes by removing any defects that were caused by previous operations such as grinding or honing.

Usually done with abrasives, microfinishing improves the geometry of any part by correcting roundness or flatness issues. It increases durability, reduces friction and noise, and improves efficiency. And it can be used on almost any material.
Not to be confused with polishing, microfinishing provides a finer finish with limited material removal. Surfaces that are micromachined show less wear, hold closer tolerances, and have higher load bearing capabilities.

Durability is a Key Benefit of Micromachining
Whenever two metal parts come into contact, the resulting friction produces heat that causes wear. Soon, the components are no longer performing efficiently and must be replaced.
Improving the surface finish on these parts reduces the amount of surface contact they will have with each other. The friction between the parts is decreased, and this allows for better performance and durability. The increased life translates into lower operating costs and better performance.
Because of the operational advantages that micromachining provides, certain industries rely heavily on having many of their parts micromachined to some degree. The automotive industry, for instance, has many components that must endure harsh frictional forces and high temperatures.

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