​PT thread, NPT thread, G thread, metric thread

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​PT thread, NPT thread, G thread, metric thread
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NPT, PT, G are pipe threads

NPT is National (American) Pipe Thread abbreviation, belonging to the US standard 60-degree cone pipe thread, for North America. National standards can be found in GB / T12716

In the case of
NPT thread

PT is the abbreviation of Pipe Thread, is 55 degrees sealed cone thread, is a Wyeth thread family, used in Europe and Commonwealth countries. Commonly used in water and gas pipe industry, the taper is set at 1:16. National standards can be found in GB / T7306.

G is a 55 degree non-threaded sealing tube thread, is a Wyeth thread family. Mark G for cylindrical threads. National standards can be found in GB / T7307

The other 1/4, 1/2, 1/8 mark in the thread is the diameter of the thread, in inches. The insiders usually use the points to refer to the thread size, one inch is equal to 8 points, 1/4 inch is 2 points, and so on.

PT thread

G is the pipe thread collectively (Guan), 55,60 degrees division of the functional, commonly known as the circle. The thread is made of a cylindrical surface.

ZG commonly known as the cone, the thread from a conical processing, the general water pipe joints are like this, the national standard marked as Rc
Metric threads are expressed in terms of pitch, which are expressed in terms of the number of threads per inch. This is their greatest difference,
Metric thread is 60 degrees and other side of the tooth type, inch thread is isometric waist 55 degrees, US-made thread 60 degrees.

Metric thread with metric units, the United States and Britain thread with British units.

metric thread

Pipe thread is mainly used for the connection of the pipeline, the internal and external thread with the tight, with straight tube and cone tube two. Nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the pipe to which it is connected, and it is clear that the diameter of the thread is larger than the nominal diameter. 1 / 4,1 / 2,1 / 8 is the nominal diameter of the inch thread, in inches.

metric thread fittings

Thread angle: metric and US thread are 60 degrees, the British is 55 degrees, TM pipe thread is 30 degrees, SM needle thread and BC thread is 60 degrees, metric trapezoidal thread 30 degrees, inch trapezoidal thread 29 degrees, table thread (TW29 degrees TR and TM30 degrees)
     Common thread: metric thread M; British W; US UNC, UNE, UNEF
     Pipe thread: British PS, PT, PF; US NPS, NPT, NPTF, NPSM
     The diameter of the airtight thread: CTV, TV 1 / 4-20 is 1A: 0.2367-0.2489 (6.012-6.322); 2A: 0.2408-0.2489 (6.116-6.322) 3A: 0.2419-0.2500 (6.1443-6.350).
     Inch thread: Specification according to nominal size and number of teeth per inch
    Such as 1/4 "-20, 3/4" -10, 1 "-8, 1/4" -20 that nominal size of 1/4 that is 6.35mm (25.4 except 4 = 6.35) So on and so forth.

NPT thread brief size

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