The four welding methods of copper

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The four welding methods of copper
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Copper color was purple, so called copper. In the humid air copper surface will produce a layer of basic copper carbonate, commonly known as copper (copper). Copper often contains a small amount of bismuth, lead, sulfur, oxygen, phosphorus, antimony, arsenic and other impurities, all impurities will reduce the conductivity of copper, especially phosphorus is the most obvious, but phosphorus is a good copper deoxidation So phosphorus is still a useful element in copper. Copper has a high plasticity in both cold and hot states, but with low strength and hardness. The strength of copper can be increased by cold working. But this time significantly reduced plasticity (about 6%), the conductivity also decreased 1-3%. After cold processing of copper by 550-600 ℃ annealing, can make plastic fully restored. Copper in the low temperature is still a high plasticity, but in the 400-700 ℃ high temperature, the strength and plasticity is greatly reduced.

The thermal conductivity of copper is much better than steel, copper thermal conductivity is 7 times the steel, with the temperature rise, the gap even larger. A lot of heat is transferred out, the base metal is difficult to local melting, must use the power, heat concentration of heat, and sometimes warm, heat affected area is very wide. The same time as the above-

Welding copper (that is, commonly known as industrial copper) methods are gas welding, manual carbon arc welding, manual arc welding and manual argon arc welding and other methods, large-scale structure can also be used automatic welding.

1, copper gas welding

Welding copper is the most commonly used docking joints, lap joints and T-joints as little as possible. Gas welding can be used two kinds of welding wire, one is the deoxidizing element of the wire, such as silk 201,202; the other is the general copper and the base material of the cut, the use of air agent 301 as flux. Gas welding of copper should be used neutral flame.

2, copper manual arc welding

In the manual arc welding with copper electrode copper 107, welding core for the copper (T2, T3). Welding should be cleaned before welding edge. Weld thickness greater than 4 mm, the welding must be preheated, preheating temperature is generally around 400 ~ 500 ℃. Welding with copper 107 electrode, the power supply should be DC reverse connection.

Welding should be used short arc, the electrode should not be used for lateral swing. The electrode is reciprocating linear motion, which can improve the shape of the weld. Long weld should be used step by step method. Welding speed should be as fast as possible. In the case of multi-layer welding, the slag between layers must be completely removed.

Welding should be carried out in a well ventilated place to prevent copper poisoning. After welding, apply a flat hammer to strike the weld, remove the stress and improve the weld quality.

3, copper hand iron welding

In the copper manual welding, the wire used wire 201 (special copper wire) and wire 202, also used copper wire, such as T2.

Welding should be the edge of the workpiece welding and welding wire surface oxide film, oil and other dirt must be clean, to avoid the pores, slag and other defects. The methods of cleaning are mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

When the board thickness is less than 3 mm, the groove is not open; the thickness is 3 ~ 10mm, the V-groove is opened, the groove angle is 60 ~ 70o; when the plate thickness is more than 10mm, Groove angle of 60 ~ 70o; in order to avoid not penetration, generally do not leave blunt edges. According to the thickness and groove size, butt joint assembly gap in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 mm selected.

4, copper manual welding

Usually using DC is connected, that is, tungsten pole connected to the negative. In order to eliminate the pores, to ensure the welding of the root of the welding and welding, you must improve the welding speed, reduce the amount of argon consumption, and preheat welds. When the thickness is less than 3 mm, the preheating temperature is 150 to 300 ° C; when the plate thickness is more than 3 mm, the preheating temperature is 350 to 500 ° C. Preheat temperature should not be too high, otherwise the mechanical properties of welded joints to reduce.

There are copper carbon arc welding, carbon arc welding electrode used with carbon electrode and graphite electrode. Copper and carbon arc welding welding wire and gas welding when the same can also be used to cut the base material, available gas welding copper flux, such as gas 301 and so on.

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