The various characteristics of the valve connection

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The various characteristics of the valve connection
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First, the threaded connection valve

 threaded connection valve

This connection is usually the valve into the end of the pipe into the cone or straight pipe thread, can be connected to the tapered pipe thread joints or piping. Because of this connection there may be a large leakage channel, so the sealant, seal tape or filler can be used to block these channels. If the material of the valve body can be welded, but the expansion coefficient is very different, or the working temperature range of change is large, the threaded connection must be honey seal welding.

Threaded connection of the valve is mainly known through the 50mm below the valve. If the diameter is too large, it is very difficult to install and seal the connection.

In order to facilitate the installation and removal of the threaded connection of the valve, the pipe system in the appropriate location available pipe joints. A valve with a nominal diameter of 50 mm or less can be used as a pipe joint with a pipe fitting, and the two parts of the pipe joint are connected together.

Second, the flange connection valve

Flange connection of the valve

Flange connection of the valve, its installation and removal are more convenient. But the weight of the valve than the threaded connection, the corresponding price is also high. It is suitable for a variety of path and pressure pipe connections. However, when the temperature exceeds 350 degrees, due to bolts, gaskets and flanges a loose, but also significantly reduce the load on the bolt, the force of the flange connection may be a leak.

the welding connection valve

Third, the welding connection valve

This connection is suitable for a variety of pressure and temperature, in the more under the conditions of use, more reliable than the flange connection. However, it is difficult to disassemble and reinstall the welded joints, so its use is limited to situations where it is usually possible to operate reliably over long periods of time, or when conditions are used. Such as thermal power stations, nuclear energy engineering, ethylene engineering pipelines.

the welding connection valve

A nominal diameter of 50 mm or less of the welding valve usually has a welding socket to support the flat end of the pipeline. As the socket welding in the socket and the formation of the gap between the pipeline, which may make the gap by some of the media corrosion, while the pipe will make the connection part of the fatigue, so the use of socket welding is subject to certain restrictions.

the welding connection valve

In the case of a larger diameter, the use of conditions of the carved, the higher the temperature of the occasion, the valve body is often used for welding groove, at the same time, the original requirements of the welding seam, you must use the technical welder to complete this work.

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