Trump support debt ceiling bound with Harvey rescue

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Trump support debt ceiling bound with Harvey rescue
Views: 342  Update Date:Sep 10 , 2017
Senate Democrats on Wednesday said the Democrats would support Hurricane Harvey's aid and temporarily raise the debt ceiling for three months. In this regard, the Republican gangster accused the Democrats of playing politics, planning outrageous. And Trump stood on the side of the Democratic Party.

After meeting with congressional leaders, Trump said the Democrats' proposal was "very good".

 Harvey rescue

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi gave the plan because parliamentarians are facing the end of September to avoid the US government closes and the US outbreak of debt default risk.

It would be easier to bind disaster assistance to the debt ceiling or to make the debt ceiling easier in Congress. Democrats said the plan would extend the US debt ceiling and keep the government running until December 15.

Schumer and Pelosi said in a joint statement: "In view of the difficulty that the Republicans are willing to support for their plans, we believe that this proposal has opened up a two-party road ahead, ensuring timely delivery of Harvey assistance and avoiding government defaults. Solve government grants, DREAMERS and health care issues. "

 Harvey rescue
Trump expressed support

US Congressional Democrats say Trump will support the debt ceiling, government financing and Harvey hurricane rescue binding. Earlier today, when asked whether he supported the Democrats' three-month postponement, Trump said, "We will see you."

Senate Democrat Leader Schumer and House Democrat Leader Pelosi said: "All parties are interested in avoiding US debt defaults in December, and government financing and debt ceiling measures will be extended to December 15."

Republican big brother accused Democrats of playing political plans outrageous

Just a few hours ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan also said the Democrats' plans were "outrageous" and "infeasible".

 Harvey rescue

Ryan accused the Democrats of playing politics. He pointed out that by calling for a short-term upside to the debt ceiling, the Democrats had made Harvey's relief precarious.

"The proposal is not feasible and may endanger our timely response to the hurricane," Ryan said. "It is not a good idea for me to play politics on the debt ceiling like Schumer and Pelosi."

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Senate Majority Party Whip John Cornyn et al. Support the debt uplift and disaster relief assistance. While Conservatives, such as Republican Senator Ted Cruz, were opposed to doing so.

US House of Representatives on Wednesday (419 votes in favor of -3 votes against) $ 8 billion Hurricane Harvey aid funding. Next, the Senate will vote on this.

 Harvey rescue

In the Democrats, Trump will support the debt ceiling and Hurricane Harvey tied together, US stocks, the dollar higher, US debt fell.

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