What are copper fasteners?

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What are copper fasteners?
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At present, copper type fastener type is very large, typical, common copper inserts, copper bolts, copper inserts, copper screws, copper nuts and so on, all made of copper material made of fasteners.

At present, China's copper material fasteners are used as fastening and connected, and it is widely used in the field of a mechanical type parts. Various types of copper fasteners can be used in all kinds of machines, installations, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, instruments and supplies. Copper fasteners are characterized by a wide range of specifications, feature areas of use are also different, and have a standardized, serialized, generalized degree is also very high. So many people will already have the national standard A copper material fasteners called standard copper fasteners, or can simply be called copper standard parts.

Now, copper material fasteners, the market is also called the standard pieces of copper pieces. Copper fasteners are used as fastening and connected with a mechanical component, the use of very common. Copper material fasteners advantages of the type of specifications is very much, the characteristics of the use of different functions, convenient transportation and standardization, serialization, generalization level is very high.

Because each of the actual copper material fasteners commodity specifications, size, tolerance, quality, features, surface conditions, marking methods, as well as inspection and inspection, marking and packaging and other specific needs, were limited to several national industry standards, such as There are imperial, German and American systems.

At present, the use of copper fasteners on the market is very common use of a small parts, it is all the mechanical equipment manufacturing base parts, play an irreplaceable function.

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