What are the characteristics of copper forging?

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What are the characteristics of copper forging?
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What is copper forged? What is the characteristics of copper forging? What is the use of copper forging? Purple copper forging Definition: Copper processing method A means that the use of forging machinery on the copper billet pressure to produce plastic deformation to obtain a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of forging processing methods. The method of processing copper includes forging, casting, forging and so on.

About the "copper forged copper forging characteristics and use" We first look at the characteristics of copper forging: pure forged purple purple gold, commonly known as "forged red copper." Forged copper rich ductility. Like a drop of water that the size of pure copper, can pull up to two kilometers of filaments, or calendered into a larger than the bed is also almost transparent foil. The most valuable properties of copper conductivity is very good, in all the metal after the silver. But copper is much cheaper than silver, and thus became the electrical industry "protagonist". And forged copper prices due to agglomeration of processing labor, the price is higher than the average copper.

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