What are the effects of copper and iron?

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What are the effects of copper and iron?
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Collagen content of human body up to a protein, the main component of human connective tissue, bone core material. Collagen is like a few rope as twisted into a bunch of collagen fibers.

When collagen fibers are formed, they must be cross-linked in the collagen molecule or between molecules in order to be tough and potent. This cross-linking reaction must be carried out by a catalytic reaction called lysine oxidase. This enzyme is a copper-containing metal enzyme that must have sufficient copper to work. After entering the old age, if the lack of copper in food, there will be osteoporosis, tooth loss, injury and other symptoms of bone injury.

Almost 80% of copper in human serum is present in ceruloplasmin. A copper oxidase that oxidizes the body of phenols, lipids, and vitamin C, and can make ferric iron trivalent iron, making it easy to transport in vivo and responsible for cytochrome regeneration, thus ensuring that cells Produce enough energy. Older people if the lack of copper, will lead to lack of energy supply cells, lack of energy, walking instability, movement disorders and slow thinking and other symptoms.

Iron for hematopoietic function and teeth and bone composition is very important, the body of iron content is insufficient, will lead to anemia and fatigue, but also produce depression, irritability and skin wrinkles and other consequences.

Elderly people stored iron more than the young people, but the elderly red blood cells to reduce the ability to absorb iron, so the elderly food if the lack of iron will damage the immune mechanism, resistance decreased, easily infected with the disease. So when eating, should be more iron intake of more abundant food.

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