What are the problems with tin brass electrode when welding?

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What are the problems with tin brass electrode when welding?
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1. Copper thermal expansion coefficient, solidification occurs when the larger shrinkage stress, resulting in cracks and deformation, so the assembly gap should be wide, groove angle should be large, but also the use of multi-point temporary positioning spot welding. In order to obtain good welds, welding should be welded before the edge of oxide, grease and other dirt removed.

2. As the copper and copper alloy and other thermal conductivity is particularly high, to be preheated and with a larger current welding.

3. Welding operation should be carried out in the air circulation, or the use of artificial ventilation to prevent the phenomenon of copper poisoning. Welding quality After welding, apply a flat hammer to hammer the weld to eliminate stress and make grain refinement.

Tin brass electrode Note:

1, welding must be carefully cleaned before welding groove and wire surface.

2, before welding the general preheat to 400 ~ 500 degrees after welding. Welding should be equipped with copper gas welding solvent as a solvent.

Tin brass electrode Product performance and advantages: can effectively eliminate the pores, low melting point, excellent welding process performance, good weld forming, high mechanical properties, good crack resistance.

Tin brass electrode Application: for oxygen - acetylene gas welding brass and brazing copper, copper and nickel alloy, gray cast iron and steel, also used in inlaid carbide cutting tools for argon arc welding, oxygen - acetylene gas welding copper (Pure copper).

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