What is the advantage of copper pipe?

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What is the advantage of copper pipe?
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Copper water pipe --- green treasures

When we have just set foot on the journey of life, when we are still in the innocent childhood, parents counsel always sounded in the ear: "tap water can not drink directly, otherwise it will get sick.

Parents advice? Not wrong, the water pipeline transport was seriously polluted, endangering human health bacteria and microbes have exceeded, direct drinking this water which is not sick.

Scientific research found that: "Drinking water transport process is directly related to the water pipe material, usually the use of galvanized steel pipe, engineering plastic pipe, stainless steel pipe can not prevent drinking water contamination, only copper water pipe itself with sterilization and antibacterial Function, harm to human health bacteria and microbial copper pipes can not survive and reproduce.

Chinese scientists also found that: the human life has caused serious harm to the surface of the SARS virus copper products can not survive, so the copper pipe is regarded as environmentally friendly treasures, known as the green red metal (because the metal itself is the rose red color ), Is also considered the ideal choice for drinking water pipelines, copper pipes and other transportation of drinking water pipes compared to a total of 15 major advantages, see Table 1. Vigorous development of copper water pipe industry

With the continuous growth of the national economy, "15" during the rapid development of China's copper water pipe industry, has formed a complete copper water pipe, brass fittings, solder production system, cultivate a large number of copper water pipe installation and construction team, Product quality in the world's advanced level, built in Jiangsu high-tech Zhang, Zhejiang Hai Liang, Hong Lei, Luo copper, Shandong Fergus, Aobo, Guangdong fine arts, Huahong, days of pipe fittings and other water pipe production base, built a highly modern Production lines, industrial production diameter of 6 mm to 308 mm copper water pipes and supporting pipe fittings, the rapid popularization of copper water pipes, important construction and high-end residential areas are beginning to use copper drinking water pipes, brass penetration rate increased rapidly. Copper water pipe --- Olympic drinking water engineering loyal guards

Drinking water clean, health Olympic first-class event, drinking water system Green Olympics important signs.

Copper pipes have many advantages over other pipelines, but the shortage of copper resources in China, especially from 2005 to 2006, even a record high. 2006 LME copper prices at the beginning of 4400 US dollars / ton all the way up, May 11 reached 8800 US dollars / ton a record high, after the price of copper has been 6500 US dollars / ton high oscillation, the domestic copper price is also in the 60,000 yuan ~ 70 yuan / ton between the high. Copper pipe prices also pushed up, many copper water pipe application units discouraged, but unfortunately re-election other drinking water pipe materials. This is also a serious test of the Olympic project, in order to ensure that the Green Olympics, to ensure that drinking water clean, health, to achieve direct drinking standards, the Olympic Organizing Committee would rather increase construction investment, still decided to 19 new venues, 13 alterations, The system uses copper water pipes, for drinking water clean, sanitary building into a solid line of defense; especially the national stadium "Bird's Nest" project drinking water system all use copper water pipes, the use of diameter 15 mm ~ 267 mm copper water pipe 2 million meters, nearly 100 tons , Which is the main line of drinking water for the long axis of 270 meters oval, all the use of high-tech copper production diameter of 267 mm, wall thickness of 4 mm large copper pipe, a total of 3,000 meters, the amount of construction, construction difficulty and other world copper pipe works are the first , The application of copper pipes in China play a strong role in promoting, so far, for the Olympic Games direct drinking health, clean tap water provides a strong guarantee.

During the 2008 Olympic Games and the long years, people have long praised the Olympic drinking water loyal guards --- copper water pipes.

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