What is the copper rod and copper wire production process?

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What is the copper rod and copper wire production process?
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Copper rods and copper production: before the 1970s, almost all of the copper is produced by batch production, the specific steps of the batch: the molten copper pouring and solidified into a "wire ingot" special cast pieces, and then slightly Restricted by the protection of the atmosphere will be re-heated, and then by hot pressing the air will be the decomposition of the tree structure into a bar form. Next, it is placed in 10% sulfuric acid to remove the above oxide, by connecting one end to the other end to form a longer coil. Now, virtually all copper rods are made by continuous casting and rolling. Continuous casting benefits: Smaller micro-separation of impurities, reducing surface copper oxide particles, reduced contact with the roll during the steel content, almost to avoid all the welds, reducing the overall processing costs.

Oxygen and copper are deliberately made into alloys, as hydrogen and sulfur purifying agents, so that both H2O and SO2 gases are formed in the melt. If the oxygen component has some control, then it will form a small bubble, under appropriate conditions, these bubbles will offset from the liquid to the solid state of the process of about 4% shrinkage. If the pores are not very large, they can be eliminated during hot pressing.

Most of the continuous casting and rolling products are equipped with non-destructive equipment, and these devices are often used online to detect surfaces such as cracks and oxides and other defects. For some high-quality applications, usually through the mechanical dressing to surface a lot of metal removed.

Most round and square copper products are produced by drawing with a conventional artificial polycrystalline die or a natural single crystal drawing die. Copper has good formability, copper rods can be easily made into relatively fine copper wire without any intermediate annealing process. Although it has this ideal, but the general practice in the magnetic wire industry during the drawing process will reduce the rate of about 90%, and then after the annealing. In addition to the rate reduction, the metallographic structure may also change, thereby weakening the copper mechanical properties. Magnetic lines are often produced by the so-called "on-line process", which involves "slow" drawing, followed by continuous annealing, while also coating. The final copper wire product is improved by reducing the reduction rate between annealings to 90%.

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