What is the density of zinc-copper alloy?

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What is the density of zinc-copper alloy?
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Zinc copper alloy in a number of copper alloy, the copper as the main element of zinc as an additional element. And zinc copper alloy density how to calculate it? Let Xiaobian let us explain in detail:

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Copper density of 8.96g / cm ^ 3, zinc density of 7.113g / cm ^ 3, gold density of 19.32g / cm ^ 3.

"Zinc-copper alloy" usually says "copper-zinc alloy", brass body. Obviously, the more zinc added in the copper, the lower the density of the alloy is less than 8.96g / cm ^ 3.

Density of 12.12g / cm ^ 3 alloy, if you know that it already contains copper, it can only copper and density greater than 12.12g / cm ^ 3 some or some heavy metal alloys (of course, which can also contain a small amount of small density element)

Copper alloy or gold and copper alloy, the market supply. It is assumed that gold and copper alloy, the density of 12.12g / cm ^ 3 gold and copper binary alloy composition mass percentage can be calculated as follows.

The volume of copper is ρ1, the gold density is ρ2; the volume of 1cm ^ 3 alloy is v1, the mass is m1, the gold volume is v2, the mass is m2.

There is

V1 + v2 = 1 [cm ^ 3]

M1 + m2 = 12.12 [g]

Ρ1 & middot; v1 + ρ2 & middot; v2 = 12.12 [g]

Ρ1 & middot; v1 + ρ2 & middot; (1-v1) = 12.12 [g]

V1 = (12.12 - ρ2) / (ρ1 - ρ2) = (12.12-19.32) / (8.96-19.32) = 0.695 [cm ^ 3]

M1 = ρ1 & middot; v1 = 8.96 × 0.695 = 6.227 [g]

M2 = 12.12-m1 = 12.12-6.227 = 5.893 [g]

That is, the copper alloy

Copper content percentage: Cu = m1 / 12.12 = 6.227 / 12.12 ≈ 51%

The percentage of gold content is Au = m2 / 12.12 = 5.893 / 12.12 ≈ 49%

If it is not copper and gold alloy, then there are many other heavy metals, the percentage of mass can also be a wide range of changes, only according to the alloy density can not determine its composition, must be chemical qualitative, quantitative analysis, or spectral qualitative, semi-quantitative analysis.

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