What is the four elements of the copper welding process?

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What is the four elements of the copper welding process?
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Copper and copper alloy can be brazing, resistance welding and other methods to achieve the connection, industrial development today, welding has occupied a dominant position. Welding and welding of copper and copper alloy are easy to be realized by welding arc welding, TIG welding and MIG welding. Affect the copper and copper alloy welding process difficult four main elements:

One is the effect of high thermal conductivity. Copper thermal conductivity than carbon steel 7-11 times, when the use of technical parameters and welding with the same thickness of carbon steel, the copper is difficult to melt, filled with metal and base metal can not be a good fusion;

Second, the welding joint hot cracking tendencies. Welding, the pool of copper and impurities in which the formation of low melting point eutectic, copper and copper alloy with a significant thermal brittleness, resulting in hot cracking;

The third is to produce stomatal defects much more serious than carbon steel, and if the hydrogen hole;

Four welding joint performance changes. Grain coarsening, plasticity decreased, corrosion resistance decreased.

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