Zuckerberg frankly refused to resign: I started the company I was responsible for

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Zuckerberg frankly refused to resign: I started the company I was responsible for
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In the early morning of April 6th, Beijing time, on the day that Facebook announced that the "Cambridge Analytica" data scandal had 83 million users (more than 50 million previously recognized by Facebook) data was stolen, the company's CEO Mark Mark Zuckerberg said he is still the right person to run the world’s largest social networking company. "The essence of life is to learn lessons from mistakes," Zuckerberg said in a conference call with media reporters. “In the end, this is my responsibility. I started this company and I run it. I take responsibility.” The background of Facebook’s unusual conference call is that the company is facing a lot of pressure: advertisers’ "Reversals," the anger of the legislature, and the company's dissatisfaction with improper handling of user data in the "Cambridge Analysis" scandal. 

Zuckerberg refused to resign

These pressures began in mid-March, when Facebook admitted that Cambridge Analytics, the London-based political data company, improperly obtained personal information from more than 50 million users. At the time, there were reports that the "Cambridge Analysis" used the data to influence the elections and political movements on a global scale. On Wednesday, the incident continued to ferment, and Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schropfer posted a blog post on that day saying that the number of users who got data from Cambridge Analysis was much higher than previously expected. People in the industry point out that the core of this scandal is not Facebook's improper handling of user information, nor does it depend on what people did. The crux of the matter is whether the company is still trustworthy for Facebook, whose monthly active users are as high as 2 billion. Zuckerberg has been clear, that is, he does not plan to resign from the Facebook CEO. So far, he has not dismissed anyone because of this scandal. Instead, he claimed that Facebook is trying to accept what has already happened. "We are an idealistic, optimistic company," he said. "We now know that before we didn't take enough steps to focus on how to prevent abuse, we didn't fully think about how people would use these tools to harm others." He said that Facebook is now facing two The central question: “First, can we control our system? Second, can we ensure that our system is not used to undermine democracy?” If you want to solve these problems, then Facebook is likely to need to make Some adjustments. “It is not enough to give people a chance to speak. We must also ensure that people do not use this opportunity to disseminate false information,” Zuckerberg said. He admitted that Facebook "must ensure that everyone in our ecosystem will protect people's information." The above content originated from the network content management, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact us immediately, we will delete it in time, Tel: 13634068027

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